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Strength Template

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Adjustable Strength Program

This 16-week strength training program meant to be paired with your Race training plans but can also be performed at any time during your season. With a flexible template, it is catered for the novice but can be easily customized for the more experienced athlete. As you progress, the program can be repeated again and again as it includes instructions for adjustments depending on available equipment, current ability, and/or experience level. Each exercise links to a video demonstration of the movement.


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Strength Coaching

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Get a weekly customized strength training plan built to fit into your running plan and tailored to your experience level, available equipment and goals.


What You Get

  • Individualized strength training plan based on athlete evaluation, available equipment, goals, and performance

    • Delivered to you 1-2 weeks at a time

    • Made to supplement your current run training plan (If Applicable)

    • Complete with links to video demonstration and alternates for each exercise

    • Specific to upcoming race, season, or general structure

  • Complete access to your private coach as a resource throughout training cycle

    • Open and unlimited communication of your preference (email, text, call)

  • Option to have your program loaded into Everfit App for easy following along,  tracking, and organization  *(Extra $5/Month)

  • *4 week minimum

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